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Why use Gigaconvert

Many File Formats

Convert documents, presentations, images, archives, audio, video and much more with our online conversion tools. We currently support more than 300 file formats and we are adding support for new file formats all the time.


Convert files intuitively in 3 easy steps. Just drop your files on the page and our wizard will guide you through the whole conversion process. You can convert files from a URL, Dropbox and Google Drive just as easily.


All you need to access and use our service is a decent web browser. Our online tools have been tested for all major platforms. There is no need to download and install any software except for cases when a really big file needs to be uploaded.

Big Files Support

Don't be afraid of uploading and downloading big files. We can convert an input file up to 50 GB and we do not limit an output file size. You can install our client application to upload and download files in case your web browser have problems processing big files.

4K Ready

Our fast multicore processors and optimized conversion algorithms will process your 4K video file in several minutes. By default we try to provide loseless conversion and do not decrease quality of 4K video file unlike some other converters.

Security Guaranteed

We do not share your data with any 3rd parties and no 3rd parties have access to our repositories. All communication between you and our servers goes through SSL. You can delete your files or whole account anytime.

Advanced Conversion Settings

Change advanced settings to affect conversion process and get better results. Use OCR when converting images to get editable text in your document. When converting video files select an appropriate codec, resolution, bitrate and much more.

Batch Processing

Convert many files simultaneously and download them as a single zip file. Let the conversion process run in a background and download files later through our online file manager. Manage your files with folders.

Resuming Uploads

We added support for resuming upload and download. You should be able to resume download in most modern web browsers or download managers. Resuming upload should be possible in all web browser that implement new HTML 5 File API or in our client application.

Latest Features

How to open and extract zsgc file format

Gigaconvert Team

Our development team has released a new version of Online Conversion Tool. The latest version adds support for extraction of the zsgc lossless archive file format. Because of unclear licence conditions concerning compression algorithm, zsgc file format is currently allowed only as an input file that can be converted into other archive file formats.

Remote File Downloader 2.0

Gigaconvert Team

We have released a new version of Remote File Downloader that is used to download and convert files from a remote address. This version resolves several bug fixes and introduces new features. Now you can download and convert files from FTP servers or download files from servers that do not return a valid content-length http header.

Online File Manager 2.0

Gigaconvert Team

Our development team has released a new version of Online File Manager that enables more efficient management of files and folders. Now you can convert files directly from the file manager without the need to upload your input files over and over. We have also added new functions for folder management as copy, rename, cut and paste.

Resuming Upload

Gigaconvert Team

We have released a new version of our upload component and we have rewritten our server side code in order to add support for chunked uploads. If you plan to upload big files from a local file system or if you are experiencing issues with unstable network you can benefit from this feature. Now everyone with a modern web browser that has implemented a new HTML 5 File API should be able to resume broken upload.